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Oxford Blues Metal Detecting Club

Our club was formed over 30 years ago, and consists of an informal group of enthusiasts who meet monthly at the British Legion in Littlemore.

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CompassDig Guidance 



As the weather and the farming situation changes we only organize/confirm a dig a few days before each weekend, normally in Oxfordshire.

All members and guests are required to sign in at the dig.

Digs start at 09:30 when the klaxon is sounded and finish at 16:30 in the summer, 16:00 in winter, please do not arrive before 08:30 (09:00 is a good time).

If members are still on the fields we will sound a klaxon at 16:20 (summer) or 15:50 (winter)to give a 10 minute warning.

1.Remember to fill your holes in neatly and do not leave any rubbish on the surface.
2.Dig information is sent to members by email and is also available on the members section of this website.
3.The details will give a post code adjacent to the site, a grid reference for parking and a description.
4.We always put out an ‘A’ board OBMDC sign pointing to the dig entrance.
5.A map will be available when you check in showing the dig area.
6.Digs start at 09:30 (it’s good to arrive by 09:15) and finish at 16:00 or 16:30 (if there are still people on the fields with 10 minutes to go  we sound a klaxon to remind them that the time is nearly up).

We expect all holes to be filled in neatly and pressed down and all metal items to be removed and not left in the hole or on the surface.

If you have any queries on the dig just ask any one of our committee members who will be wearing a hi-vis. waistcoat.  About 25 to 50 people normally attend a dig.

http://neilwilsononline.co.uk/images/General-images/using%20detector.jpgValid public liability insurance with either the Federation of Independent Detectorists (FID) or the National Cuncil for Metal Detectorists (NCMD) is required for all members and guests and regrettably also for children using their own detector.

Insurance Cover: Those members who have not yet attended a dig and who have not yet provided proof of insurance cover are required to bring proof to the dig.  Regrettably any member unable to provide proof will not be allowed to detect.

Guest guidance:  We encourage guests to attend sponsored by a member. Unfortunately to protect us all guests (unfortunately including children using their own detector) do need to have insurance protection.  There are two ways of doing this.

Firstly to provide proof of their own insurance at the dig, secondly the NCMD can provide cover at no cost for a new person on a maximum of 2 digs within a month.

To activate this please send me their full name and address by midnight Friday.  Regrettably guests will not be allowed to detect if they do not have cover.   Members please let us know your guests name at the dig and if they are travelling independently meet them at the entrance

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